I’m Dillion Muse. Pronounced “Dylan”

(I don’t know why my parents did that). 

Thanks for coming by and taking the time to read this! 

I love you.


I used to be an aspiring musician in Nashville, TN,

but now I’m back in my hometown of Alexandria, LA.

I dabble in graphic design, animation, and photography. 

I even made a mobile game that I may put out there one day.

About 6 years ago I created a music video 

for my band and fell in love with videography. 


Ever since then my one desire has been to create videos 

that move, inspire and entertain... or gain super powers (... whichever comes first). I’m self taught and I love learning new techniques. You don’t want to know how much time I’ve 

spent on youtube and Instagram. 


I’d love to use the skillz I’ve acquired to help you with whatever your heart desires… 

like, in video form…

If you’re interested in me filming a wedding,

music video, ad campaign, or 

your grandma’s 80th birthday/wedding, 

contact me and let’s create something 🔥 together!